Oh hey!

Promoloco is female-led and loved custom product business that specialises in empowering merchandise for you and your crew. Based in Melbourne, Promoloco offers fun & modern products that can be customised on demand, meaning that no matter the size of your business or project we’ve got-chu!

Equality 💪

We are strong supporters of equality which is why we offer a size and gender inclusive range of clothing. The price for size and cut is the same across unisex and feminine fit. Everyone is equal, as they should be.
Our women’s/feminine fit is sizes XS through to 4XL (equivalent to a Australian size 26/28). Our unisex fit is sizes S through to 4XL (up to 6XL in some styles). That’s not just black, white and navy colours, that’s ALL OF OUR COLOURS.

Celebrating & Supporting Small Business 🎉

We love nothing more then working with passionate purpose driven businesses. The past few years have been so tough for so many, we think its time to start celebrating yourself and others again.

We are doing this by offering our no minimum range of custom products for you but also giving you the option to send these products as a gift to someone else.

In 2022 we want to spread the love even further by donating $1 from every sale to a women’s or LGBTQIA+ charity.

The Environment 🌱

Let’s be honest, custom merchandise and promotional products get caught up in the cheap and fast fashion category more often then not - and just between you and me, we agree. That is why we are taking a kinder approach.

• We choose to stock only high quality reusable products made from materials that can be recycled at end of life.

• Our clothing and tote bags are manufactured by factories that meet ethical working standards.

• Our online range is printed on demand so you can purchase what you need as you need it. Which means no unused promotional items in landfill.

• We avoid using single use plastics such as; poly bags and poly film wherever we can.

Meet our founder